Project Manager

Job Type Full Time
Location Lahore, Pakistan
Qualification Master of Computer Science
Experience 7-10 Years
Total Position 1

Job Description

The ideal candidate will focus on the implementation of e-Commerce solutions as part of a global project team. Typically you will be paired with consultants and engineers together as a team who will work together on customer projects to build continuity, an established communication plan, repeatable and well understood processes that fit the collective abilities of the team members.

Job Requirements

  • You will be responsible for the entire implementation cycle.

  • Managing functional design processes at project onset. This includes walking customers through user interface design discussions, creation of wireframes or mockups of sites and documentation of business rules, logic and data model.

  • Creation of custom themes or UI templates leveraging CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, HTML5 and PHP.

  • Collecting, organizing and preparing data for loading into the system being built.

  • Designing and mapping integration interfaces between e-Commerce platforms, such as Magento, and external systems such as ERP, CMS and CRM systems. This includes field mapping, defining rules for triggering integration, designing error handling conditions and logic, and guaranteed delivery rules.

  • Creation of user acceptance testing scripts based on project scope and functional design documents.

  • Executing, and in some cases, leading customers through the execution of user acceptance testing scripts.

  • Overall project management for projects including managing time-line, agreed to scope, budget and collective inputs and tasks of a project team that includes the company and customer resources.

  • Managing change control / change management discussions with customers to ensure that scope, budget and timeline are controlled with regard to changes vs. the original project scope definition.

  • Execution of end customer training programs within the context of a specific project.

  • Coordinating and management release of software changes to production.

  • Understanding of SOA architecture principles. Background mapping out and designing integration transactions between multiple systems.

  • Experience defining and executing unit and user acceptance test cases that align with overall project functional requirements to ensure quality of works created.

  • Strong project management skills, at least 5 full years of experience leading software development projects in a workplace environment.

  • Excellent communication skills. Ability to take an abstract or vague subject, break it into meaningful and understandable topics and communicate effectively with team members.

  • Ability to influence others without direct authority over them.

  • Strong time management and task tracking skills.

  • An analytical, thoughtful approach to problem solving.

  • Demonstrated ability to lead others and manage team based performance to plan vs. solely managing one’s own responsibilities.

  • 5 to 10 years previous professional experience as a software developer lead. Ideally, some of this time would have been with PHP and Magento.

  • Minimum of 2 years experience with database script development experience, preferably with MySQL but other database platforms are relevant as well.

  • Must be proficient in written and spoken English.

The Ideal Candidate

While every person brings unique attributes and abilities to their workplace, the people who regularly excel in this role share some common characteristics.


They communicate openly, candidly. They ask questions and give inputs supported by a logical, analytical thought process. They can interact effectively in difficult conversations and have strong conflict management skills for handling scope and change management issues with customers.

They are confident, capable small team leaders who can lead a group of peers without managerial authority. They are voracious learners who realize that technology and customers have evolving wants, needs and capabilities. They are not content to stand still and wait to be told what to do or learn. They possess good time and task management skills.

As a consulting and professional services company, our ‘product’ is the time and expertise we provide to our customers. We are in effect paid for our time, and therefore, it is critical that we are always providing value to our customers within schedules that meet agreed to timelines and budgets set jointly with our customers.There are never any open ended projects. They must be comfortable tracking and managing time of project team members and reconciling efforts and expected timeline, budget and set of expected deliverables.

They enjoy project based work. They value that each project is a new business, a new model, new goals to solve.

This role has little ‘system support’ duties it’s about creating new features, functionality for a specific set of goals for a client within the context of a project.

They are accountable not only for their own work, but the collective success of the team. We are measured by our collective success to a large degree.

They are detail oriented, focused on completing assigned tasks fully in a self directed manner.

They have experience managing project, capital or other budgets that require completion of tasks to an expected cost model.

We are a team of global solution providers based in the USA that help the clients find competitive edge through technology. DigitalNet employs only the brightest and smartest with a very attractive compensation package.


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