In the ever changing global business environment spearheading with information, technological competitive edge is a challenge. DigitalNet helps its clients transform the challenges of digital age into opportunities for higher performance. We fuse digital analytics, technology platforms and world-class talent at massive scale and speed, to help our clients understand the big picture and deliver insight-based experiences, that help them effectively target and keep their best customers.


DigitalNet’s innovative perspective enhances your internal capabilities, providing you with strategic and tactical instruments to dramatically improve your marketing skills and merchandising fields.

Our team takes a holistic, customer focused approach to develop strategies for our clients to succeed in the digital economy. Our digital strategy connects our clients with their customers, deliver exceptional services, collaborate and showcase their work. We assist our clients to promote goods, sell products, innovate and demonstrate their values.

DigitalNet brings a sharp focus on digital strategy, planning, execution and performance-based marketing, so that our clients can:

  • Maximize customer relevance and response
  • Drive sales growth and improve profitability
  • Eliminate channel silos to develop digital transformation strategies for integrated multichannel experiences
  • Lower costs and streamline processes and resource use
  • Seamlessly manage content and processes across channels
  • Conduct thorough and continuous optimization across digital properties

E-Commerce Strategy

From the start of the project to the deployment and throughout its lifecycle, we offer insights, solutions and partnerships that move the mechanics.

Practical, profound planning is the KEY to all successful strategies. We, at DigitalNet, architect a dynamic performing profile after taking into account the audit and analysis of your present marketing efforts. Our e-commerce strategy evolves on:

  • Marketing Strategy: Main considerations in planning a dominant marketing line of action are based on e-mail marketing strategy, affiliate marketing strategy, marketing roadmaps, comparative consulting and SEO & location analytics
  • Merchandising Strategy: Considering the existing market analytics of similar product performance, catalog price rules, shopping cart price rules, customer promotion campaigns within the Ecommerce platforms, DigitalNet recommends the application of strategic procedures to be adopted and utilized to generate the maximum revenues. Special emphasis in decision making is based on product analysis study, market exposure and profitability, content & data quality management, promotional campaigns and site utility.
  • Web Analytics: DigitalNet always prowl to accentuate the business growth opportunities for our clients. We scrutinize web data, analyze and conclude the results into roadmaps and milestones to excel your business. Before concluding we gather data through Google analytics, traffic source analytics, customer profiling & segmentation, RFM analysis and A/B Testing.
  • User Experience and Reporting: Our emphasis is to increase the number of order conversions and their values and lower the rates of bouncing by enhancing the worthiness and appeal of our client’s web sites by optimizing their functional and visual characteristics. Our efforts are based on mobile optimization, data driven user personas, production design and content strategy.
  • Performance Analytics & Feedback: Taking your business strategy and profitability goals as yardsticks, DigitalNet designs the strategies for the optimum payback, making your business decisions, a sensible approach. We utilize our vast ecommerce experience to garner the prospects of a rewarding cost vs. gain business investment. We focus on Return on Investment (ROI) analysis, Total Cost of Investment (TCI), budget models, and demand forecast.
  • Market Research: We analyze your competitors’ performance in the market before devising any strategy to meet your business targets. To be able to do that we, at DigitalNet, conduct data research, surveys & polls, competitive research and vendor selection & management.

Business Strategy

Even before any concrete decision is made, thoughtful, deep serious efforts are needed, as the smart, intelligent pre-thinking before any technical business action determines and affects the final outcome. DigitalNet takes the following guidelines as precursor for final fruitful product:

  • Business Transformation: With the aim to make your business spearhead others and stay a leader in ever changing, innovating and evolving market, DigitalNet will devise new business processes and tools to support tomorrow’s needs today, taking initiatives beforehand to make your business an epicenter for innovation and poly-directional customer engagement point with smart business transformation strategies.
  • Platform Selection: DigitalNet will research and develop, the most appropriate e-commerce platform, for your business after putting exhaustive efforts in analyzing multiple platforms and going through extensive vendor exhibitions in selecting the best.
  • Ecommerce Planning: DigitalNet will advise for a multi-layered approach and plan to advance your ecommerce processes after deep examination of your business strategy and goals, keeping sustainability, development and improvement of your business as a guiding light.
  • Site Implementation: DigitalNet works closely and intimately to sort out the intricacies and complexities of any business to impose and launch peak-performing, multi-channel ecommerce site with the promise to be always by-the-side going through the actions as partners.
  • Platform Migration: Any migration or upgrading of ecommerce platform has its sequels. DigitalNet works out the innovative processes adequately, before time for every subsequent change, the platform migration necessitates.
  • Training: For any business to succeed, develop and progress, training and retraining is compulsory as well as vital. DigitalNet and its highly skilled trained and qualified team are ever-ready and available to equip and impart the most advanced, latest modules and tools of marketing, merchandising, technical and business training.

Mobile Strategy

Mobile devices and apps are getting smarter, and capabilities like GPS, combined with customer data and analytics, are adding context and intelligence to mobile experiences. DigitalNet takes pride in being a partner with our clients to develop and plan strategies in unison for complex and intricate enterprise grade mobile deployments.

  • Business Driven Use-Cases: DigitalNet’s mobile strategy starts with identifying moments that support business-level goals and can be tied to business impact. While it’s easy to head straight down the architecture or device path, evaluating business processes and interactions between employees, partners, and customers is critical to achieving impactful mobile initiatives. Putting yourself in your customers’ and employees’ shoes is one of the most impactful ways to identify the moments of value, barriers and areas for immediate and measurable gains within business processes.
  • Analytics Driven Decision Making: DigitalNet does a deep-dive to unleash the power of clients’ business centric data. By achieving a single and accurate view of customers, coupled with the ability to deliver relevant and actionable data from many systems to employees via mobile, our clients dramatically differentiate their business and customer experience provided.
  • UX Design: Mobile users tend to be time poor and task oriented, and great mobile design makes information clearer to understand, data easier to consume, and adoption simple. At DigitalNet, the core focus of our UX design team is to gather analytics and user research to better determine design focus and usability decisions for our clients. For mobile, design is how the app works. That’s why “smart” user experience is more about data and less about design.
  • Mobile Environment Selection: DigitalNet guides and advises its clients with one of the biggest decisions that they will have to make is selecting the right mobile environment to reach their targeted audience. This is usually a mobile site, a mobile application or both. Mobile sites appear inside the browser on any internet-enabled mobile device. Mobile sites do not require the user to download anything, and if set up properly, they can detect the user’s device and automatically format the content for optimal viewing on that platform. Mobile applications require a device-specific (Apple, Android, Blackberry, Windows …) download. Because applications leverage native capabilities, they provide enhanced functionality such as GPS-enabled location services, scanning, and the ability to cache content for offline usage. Separate applications have to be built for each mobile platform.
  • Analyze and Measure: A mobile application launch is just the beginning of a client’s journey. User acceptance and relevant metrics are the key to ensuring that all mobile initiatives bring value to customers and businesses. We partner with our clients to continuously track quantitative metrics (sales figures, productivity numbers, etc.) and qualitative results (customer and employee reviews) to justify further releases, future apps and show ROI.
  • Develop an Innovation Plan: User expectations are always changing. This constant change combined with new mobile technology and increasing market pressures means that businesses need a strategic plan for managing existing apps and bringing continued innovation to mobile experiences. As mobile adoption in the enterprise matures, mobile engagement initiatives require the involvement of the entire organization. DigitalNet offers the new business-consulting approach for both cloud and mobile technologies to innovate business process, get an edge on the competition and exceed bottom-line results.

UX Design

DigitalNet is ever eager and consistently focus on magnifying and enhancing the extreme individual customer experience and make it rewarding, gratifying and meaningful.

We co- plan and move projects with our clients, right from pre-concept to concept, imagination to design and launch and then further and farther on the ladder of success. We give figures to ideas and bring conceptual thinking to life. We formulate exceptional, outstanding, enchanting websites & apps and create unique satisfying user experiences into rewarding realistic e-commerce architecture. DigitalNet is among the leaders to embed pulsating designs in all our e-commerce websites. We endeavor to innovate, improve and refine to suggest, guide and partner to facilitate customers’ satiety and meet their targets and goals, with whatever platforms they use. We combine imaginative concepts with concrete, palpable, certified latest technology in formulating productive, performing, convincing and conforming designs.

To us, user experience is of paramount importance and is embedded in our core philosophy to plan for any digital project. We incorporate different phases and constituents of user experience while architecting and fabricating a marketable plan to take the user experiences to new extremes and peaks of customer delights in every transaction. For that, DigitalNet reflects deeply besides others, on user personas, wireframes, focus groups, ethnographies, card sorting, usability testing and prototyping.


DigitalNet takes on the most suitable and best available towering technical platforms at the start and we culminate with peak performing, high-tech, state-of-the art, innovative, multi -channel, omnipotent e-commerce solutions.

Our motto is enhancement of technology, e-commerce capabilities to transform into our clients’ business success stories.

E-Commerce Platforms

DigitalNet works meticulously to look for the most appropriate ecommerce platforms. We have expertise in Magento, eBAY Enterprise, Hybris, Insite, Sitecore, Oracle Commerce, IBM Websphere, Demandware, Prestashop, Opencart and custom application development.

Mobile Apps

DigitalNet has a team of experts and masters in creating imaginative, enchanting, visually engaging, catchy, convincing designs, mobile apps and technology solutions. User experiences form the core of our practical, peak performing, emotive, rational and rewarding ecommerce solutions. Optically comforting, photogenic designs create an emotion. We are adept at converting and utilizing emotions into business success. We design and develop mobile apps that are multiplying instruments of end user satisfying mobile experiences which are at the center of our focus, attention and planning. We consider every pixel of a picture microscopically and research on its effects on the viewers and their reactions. We make our designs and apps that stand out prominently from the rest as distinctively different and innovative to appeal extensively to the end users. DigitalNet develops mobile applications for Android, Apple, Microsoft Windows and Blackberry devices.


DigitalNet not only utilizes meticulous web standards and development best practices, but help define them too. Our significant modules include:

  • Front-End Development: We, at DIGITALNET, realize the importance of compatibility amongst stellar site performance and multi-device. Another factor of prime necessity is site speed. It dignifies and sparkles the brand perception as well as influences the end-user experiences and SEOs. DigitalNet has expertise in HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Java, PHP, .Net, Python, mobile commerce and responsive design.
  • Development Frameworks: We, at DIGITALNET are highly skilled, extensively trained, fully qualified, experienced and certified teams that offer Three-Tiered application development expertise dedicatedly in the Zend 2.0, Symfony 2.0, Yii, CodeIgnitor, Ruby on Rails and MVC.
  • Back-End Development: DigitalNet understands and is fully familiar with paths to traverse around the precariously balanced technology stack. Customized unique business requirements of our clients dictate us to manufacture and roll out solutions that innovate and enhance the utmost performance of the ready to use software. DigitalNet is always striving hard for bringing the over-all technology ecosystem closer together, integrating the commerce platform with internal enterprise systems and 3rd party applications, to formulate and create the organizational efficiencies that extend far above and beyond the core ecommerce implementation. We achieve full back-end system and data integration with:

    Dedicated, certified Java, .Net, and PHP development teams

    Data migration and synchronization by using DigitalNet Sync Engine

    Systems integration - ERP, CRM, POS, Accounting, Order Management, Product Information Management (PIM/PCM)…etc.

    Custom application & module development

System Integrations

Below are just a few of the hundreds of systems (ERP, Order Management, CRM, Accounting, POS) and 3rd party apps we’ve integrated with the leading e-commerce platforms. Don’t see the system you’re using? Please get in touch with us. We’ve probably worked with it before. Using a proprietary, in-house system? We’ve worked on more than a dozen of those as well.

  • IBM AS/400
  • JD Edwards
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Microsoft GP
  • Net Suite
  • WordPress
  • Oracle
  • Sugar CRM
  • Andar360
  • Sage MAS 200
  • SAP
  • Authorize.Net
  • Google Shopping
  • PayPal
  • Chase Paymentech
  • CyberSource
  • Mail Chimp
  • Survey Monkey
  • Constant Contact
  • Apache SOLR
  • Scene7
  • Coloragon
  • eBay Enterprise
  • UPS
  • FedEX
  • USPS
  • Web Services, APIs
  • Customized Enterprise Systems

Website Hosting

DigitalNet considers launching your site as the beginning only. Our Enhanced Managed Services put a devoted team of technology professionals to ensure that your e-commerce channels remain viable, available, competitive, secure and profitable. We provide ultra-reliable, fully secure, having an engraved e-commerce focus Cloud-Hosting solution for maximum uptime and dependable peak performance. Just a phone call away, we have a team of professional, efficient engineers with intimate knowledge of your particular technical environment to monitor your site functions all the times, day and night. DigitalNet extends to offer proudly, industry leading applications and server SLAs with 99.99% uptime.

DigitalNet provides regular, scheduled, top-to-bottom check-ups for your online store, and a full range of value-added services, to keep you as leaders, ahead of the pack e.g., Quarterly Site Reviews, Code Audits, SEO Audits …etc.

Digital Analytics

Digital analytics is the use of metrics to calibrate the performance of a company’s digital marketing efforts with the end goal of optimizing those efforts to drive business results. The line between online and offline businesses have been blurring to the vanishing point, which means more companies need clearer insights into how well their digital operations are performing. Often, it’s about cutting through all the noise and huge data volumes to find the key insight to manage the business more effectively. Digital analytics is a field of innovation, creativity and constant learning. With the explosion of new digital channels such as social, web and mobile, business leaders today face mounting challenges to understand consumer behaviors, and deliver relevant alterations at just the right time. Digital analytics and optimization adds significant value to the bottom line of any business and help serve the customers better.

In this rapidly expanding field, DigitalNet has in-depth expertise and wealth of knowledge to partner with our clients and help them get the most out of Digital investments. Managing all of digital data can seem overwhelming as many companies have multiple platforms, disparate data sources and tools that restrict analysis and decisions rather than enabling them. DigitalNet has developed a fully automated and integrated analytics platform that provides precise and actionable insights using a five step process.

At DigitalNet, our Digital Analytics solutions take many forms:

  • Tracking and measuring online traffic and customer behavior
  • Tracking and optimizing online advertising/marketing campaigns
  • Monetizing existing content
  • Defining key metrics, KPIs and data analysis
  • Establishing performance management processes for resource allocation and prioritization
  • Targeting new opportunities on emerging platforms and channels
  • Evaluating, selecting and rationalizing technology
  • Deploying new and update existing softwares and tools, data integration
  • Change management, executive education and communication, knowledge transfer, documentation and end-user training
  • Analyze Digital channels and benchmarking
  • Digital segmentation & Targeting
  • Conversion rates & Fallouts

To explore how DigitalNet can help your business move forward, please fill out the form to contact us.